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The first 365 days of zero waste madness

Hey hey!

Exactly one year ago (according to my youtube history), I watched the first youtube video on zero waste living. And no, it was not a video from Bea Johnson… It was this one from Exploring Alternatives (amazing youtube channel). When she was talking about that she is finally aligning her values with her actions, I felt that I want to have the same, but where to start? I thought that “zero waste” living is crazy, way to ambitious and it would be impossible in Ireland. A year passed and I have changed so many things in my life towards a less wasteful life. And as every good zero wasters and minimalists, I also feel motivated to share my adventures in order to inspire more and more people to make their own small steps.

Here are some of the major milestones of my first year into zero waste living.

Day 11 - I joined the Zero Waste Ireland facebook group (it is so amazing how you can track back things online). This is good place to start, if there is no group in your area, create one!

Day 33 - Through the facebook group, I signed up as volunteer to organise the first zero waste festival in Ireland.

Day 60 - First locally-grown veggie pick-up from CSA Dublin (Community Supported Agriculture), I heard about this also in the facebook group.

Day 85 - First Zero Waste Festival in Ireland. Whooohoo! Awesome day with so many inspiring people.

Day 98 - First volunteer shift at the Dublin Food Coop package free section. I signed up it for at the festival and I have been volunteering in and out since.

Day 127 - I finished my first Plastic Free July Challenge. Each day, I consciously made a step toward to plastic-less life.

Day 178 - Bea Johnson’s talk in Cork… She is so inspiring. Do not miss to see her talk when you have a chance.

Day 252 - Co-organiser of the Zero Waste Festival Ireland - Christmas Edition

Day 329 - Co-organiser of the Zero Waste Festival Ireland - Spring Clean Edition

Day 352 and 353 - I participated a 2-day zero waste educator training by LYCS. I am officially a zero waste educator now (-:

And Day 366 - The first zero waste meetup is co-organised by me(-:

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