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What does zero waste mean to me?

In one word, consciousness.

In my opinion, the most important thing is to raise awareness. People should be more conscious about the consequences of their daily decisions.

For example,

Zero waste is just an industrial term and it puts a lot of pressure on people. To be honest, I cannot imagine my own life with zero trash. But I believe every small steps count. Each refused plastic bag, each darned sock or each bought naked cucumber.

My personal aim on this journey is to eliminate single-use plastic from my life and I like to take this challenge as an adventure and not a burden.

What are the 5 R’s of zero waste?

Refuse what we do not need!

Reduce what we cannot refuse!

Reuse what we cannot refuse or reduce!

Recycle what we cannot refuse, reduce or reuse!

Rot the rest (-:


Where I get zero waste inspiration?


Coming to Zero by Zdenka

Simple No Waste Life by Timi

Tight Budget / Low Waste and Journey to a Sustainable Wardrobe by Íde


Treading My Own Path by Lindsay


Zero Waste Home by Bea


The Picture of Mary by Gittemary