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Freecycling and trading as part of Zero Waste living

Hey hey!

I believe the first and foremost what everyone of us can do in order to live a more sustainable life is simply to CONSUME LESS. By buying something new, we demand to create more new things. What is wrong with new? - You may ask. All the required non-renewable resources that we are running low on. And so often what you need, someone else has sitting at the back of the wardrobe.

Of course, this goes the other way around as well. It is also really important if you do not need something anymore, you retired that certain thing from your life responsible. Trying to sell it, trade it, simple re-home it, donate it, recycle it or dispose it properly.

Of course, it is easily said than it is done. What if I need something… I usually wait, no more impulse shopping for me (not including package free sweets, I still impulse buy them)! I wait to see if I need that certain thing in a day, a week or a month. And if I still feel the urge, I check used, second-hand options before buying something new.

First, I ask my friends, we have a small whatsup group with some zero waste friends.

I am also an intensive user of a local freecycle facebook group, where you can offer something to be re-homed or looking for something pre-loved. For example, I got my Doc Martens from this group and my old hookah has already the 2nd or 3rd new owner through this group. At the moment, the group has over 8500 members so it is bit cluttered, but I still manage to give away bits and bobs there. And if you do not have a freecycle group where you live, no excuses, set up one or join Bunz.

Bunz is a online platform where people can trade or freecycle for free. Bunz is originated from Toronto, Canada and spreading now all over Europe. You can offer things for free or you can ask for something in exchange or you can use their digital currency.

We have a growing Bunz community in Dublin. I got a bicycle helmet and home made mint wine from Bunz and I gave away so many things from electronics to jewellery for example.

Bunz asked me to be their local ambassador months ago. Yay! I was not really active recruting people, but finally I managed to put together this short post. So if you are interested in their platform, pretty please, use this link.

So they will know that you heard about Bunz from me. Thanks!

Happy trading, happy freecycling!

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