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What to find where in Dublin packaging free

Hey hey!

I have been planning this post for AGES. This week, I had my last exam ever (lol… I do not even believe myself on this topic anymore ;) So now finally I have “more” me-time. Though I still have a PhD to finish this summer… But I will try to do my best to have blog posts coming more often.

I hope this post will help some of the local Dubliners on their zero waste journey to know where to find what packaging free in Dublin and surrounding areas.

There are 5 main places (I am aware of) where you can get dried goods straight into your own container (cloth bag, jar, plastic Chinese box…).

Pop-up stalls

BN - Bare Necessities

BYO - Bring Your Own

MWG - Minimal Waste Grocery

Organic whole food stores selling products package free

DFC - Dublin Food Coop

SC - Small Changes

I sourced data from the websites/facebook sites of the stalls/stores, except of the DFC, they do not have their list online, so it is based on what was available in their store at the beginning of May.


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