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Recycling vs. Wish-cycling

Hey hey! Recycling might be your really first step towards to a zero waste / low waste lifestyle, but hopefully this step will not be the last. Nevertheless, it is super important to do your recycling right and avoid wish-cycling. What is wish-cycling? Putting questionable item, you want to dispose, in your recycling bin in the hope that it w... Read more

Is zero waste living expensive? - Dry goods

Hey hey! ‘Zero waste shopping must be more expensive than conventional one!’ ‘Zero waste living is just for the rich!’ What if I tell you it is possible to save money by buying certain products and in bulk straight into your containers??? To note, all dry goods are organic in this mini research study and I collected the data from shops, stal... Read more

Overview of my first year at Dublin CSA

Hey hey! It was a year ago when I first heard about the Dublin CSA or CSA in general. That also means this is the time of the year when the Dublin CSA is looking for new members for the upcoming season. So I thought it is a good time to reflect and share with you what to expect from a CSA or the Dublin CSA. But let’s start from the beginning… ... Read more

What to find where in Dublin packaging free

Hey hey! I have been planning this post for AGES. This week, I had my last exam ever (lol… I do not even believe myself on this topic anymore ;) So now finally I have “more” me-time. Though I still have a PhD to finish this summer… But I will try to do my best to have blog posts coming more often. I hope this post will help some of the local D... Read more

The first 365 days of zero waste madness

Hey hey! Exactly one year ago (according to my youtube history), I watched the first youtube video on zero waste living. And no, it was not a video from Bea Johnson… It was this one from Exploring Alternatives (amazing youtube channel). When she was talking about that she is finally aligning her values with her actions, I felt that I want to ha... Read more